What’s More Important Than Member Service?

Member service and satisfaction have always been on the front line of fund office priorities. For the modern fund office, though, member service takes on a different meaning as member [...]

7 Guidelines to Select the Right Technology Partner

So you’ve made the decision to update your systems.  The best way to get started is through an effective RFP process.  The amount of effort you invest upfront to evaluate and select the right [...]

Is it Time to Update Your Technology?

Making smart decisions about changing or updating your back office systems is never easy. This process can be particularly challenging for today’s fund office that operates in a volatile [...]

ACA Compliance Begins with Clean Member Records

Accurate and secure maintenance of thousands of member records (along with those of their dependents) is a taxing and necessary function of modern fund operations. The benefits of clean records [...]

What’s Your Data Quality Score?

Did you ever think about the quality of your data? It’s a topic that’s not usually given enough attention. Data quality is more difficult to quantify than one might think at first glance, simply [...]

Changing Behavior is Often the Hardest Part of Changing Technology

Getting users to change their behavior and adopt a new system is the last mile of the technology implementation marathon. When the fund office implements new systems, we see a major impact on the [...]

When It Comes to Technology, There’s No Free Lunch

A curious paradox of today’s technology is that “free” tools and services (Gmail) are virtually indistinguishable from high-priced enterprise tools that come along with multi-year maintenance [...]

When Good Dates Go Bad

In administering benefits, a lack of focus around dates can be a recipe for disaster. We have a tendency to pay close attention to the “important” details: a member’s pension amount, annuity [...]

Manage the Relationship with Your Technology Partners

Fund office administrators are accustomed to maintaining long term, strategic relationships for legal counsel, actuarial expertise, investment management and other professional services.  [...]

Access Your Benefits – Anytime, Anywhere

Thanks to online banking and other early adopters of online and mobile applications, a fund office should be able to rollout a mobile app with confidence, knowing that training and user adoption [...]

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